جــــامـــعــة طــيــبــة
Easy Access

In an accelerating technical world, and in midst of a country entirely consists of young people, who are seeking every new and exciting thing, we strive in the electronic portal of Taibah university, to keep up with technology, and make the use of it, in serving all segments of society, and beneficiaries from the university's services, so to ease getting what they want.

In case you face any problem in using the portal, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us, by filling up our contact form, and sending your suggestions and observations. We are pleased to contact you as soon as possible.

Compatibility with Web Browsers

You can browse the electronic portal of Taibah university, and get the full advantage of its services, through using many popular web browsers. The portal has a full compatibility with the following browsers, as well as with many other browsers including:


We highly recommend updating your favorite browser to the latest available official version, for the sake of your highest security, and at the same time you must be sure that you activate java codes in your browser in order to run the portal probably. We also advise you to review the portal with the resolution of 1024* 768 for the best results.


The Electronic Portal of Taibah university releases the Mobile and Smart Phones service.

You can now browse the electronic portal of Taibah university, and get whatever information and services you need, via your mobile phone, wherever you are, and at any time you want.

To keep pace with the technological revolution in the field of mobile communications, Taibah university provides a quick and updated version for its electronic portal, designed specifically for mobile phones. This version views the entire contents of the university's electronic portal in a way which is compatible with mobile phones web browsers, including:


If your mobile phone supports (HTML) language, then all what you need is to direct your favorite web browser to the electronic portal for mobile and smart phones, in order to get benefit from Taibah university services on your mobile phone.