جــــامـــعــة طــيــبــة

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Taibah University Vice President for Branches
Dr. Omar Mansour Al-nozha

Announcements from Presidency

About the Presidency

This is one of the vice presidencies of the university, which is responsible for following up all the affairs of the university branches from faculties, academic departments, administrative departments and employees/associates. Furthermore, The agency play an important role in the success and achievement of the objectives through continuous support and coordination with the relevant bodies within the university system and external stakeholders, in the private and public sectors.

Quick Links

- Charter of the students of the professional ethics university

- Taibah University Portal for e – branches - Guide to the use of the electronic transactions system - for system administrators

University Branches in the Governorates

These are associated with Taiba university, no. of branches which are situated in governorates and consists of range of faculties and academic departments. These branches are administrated  by Presidency of Branches in six governates:

- YanbuBranch
- Al-Ula Branch
- Khayber Branch
- Hanakiya Branch
- Mahad Al-Zahab branch
- Badr Branch

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