جــــامـــعــة طــيــبــة



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In accordance with the Council of Ministers' Decision No. (73) dated 5/5 / 1422, the study was started in the first semester of the academic year 1425 / 1426. It has two specialized departments: Administrative and Financial Sciences and its Technology, which offers a degree of diploma in Computer Accounting, and Computer Science and information, which offers a degree of diploma in two programs (Computer Programming, Information Systems and Computer Networks). The College hosts a Department of management, which offers BSc degree in management.



Leadership and excellence in the fields of middle education and community service, locally and regionally according to the comprehensive quality standards.





Providing excellent educational, training and advisory services through specialized academic, administrative and technical competencies within an attractive university environment to meet the needs of the community of technically and practically qualified professionals.



·         College  in cooperation with the Hamm Volunteer Society launches the "You are Life" initiative in college

·         The Faculty of Hanukkah is decorated with green in celebration of the National Day 88

·         Welcoming the developments under the patronage of His Excellency the Dean

·         Online course with a. Mohammed Al - Rakad  "The art of accounting and business administration"  as the first virtual class.

·         • The closing ceremony of the activities of the college and honoring retirees and outstanding.

·         Painting course in cooperation with the activities unit at the faculty.

·         Under the supervision of the student activities unit "Photography" workshop led by photographer: Hanaa Al Harbi.

·         Hananiya Community College holds a course on security education for faculty members in collaboration with the Deanship of University Development entitled "The Basics of Information Security" by Ms. Mariam Al Harbi.

·         In collaboration with the Deanship of University Development, the course on the ethics of education was held by Dr. Maysoun Marzeeq.

·         In cooperation with the Deanship of University Development, the electronic archiving course was held by A. Mena Reza for faculty members.

·         In cooperation with the Deanship of University Development, the ten habits of the successful personality of Awafa Al-Nami.​


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