جــــامـــعــة طــيــبــة

Welcome to the College of Engineering


About the College

The college of Engineering in Madinah was established to be among the faculties of Taibah University to meet the Kingdom's growing needs in the fields of engineering, Building a prestigious academic institution that keeps pace with the rapid development of engineering sciences to serve a distinct social and economic environment in line with the national development plans. This event had a great impact on the hearts of the sons of the homeland, especially the sons of Medina as it is the first engineering college to be established in Madinah...More

Dean's Message

Taibah, the pulpit of light throughout the ages. Treaded and walked on its land the greatest human and inhabited by the elite of all creation. Illuminating the parts of earth which led to the story of the greatest humanity and the intellectual culture by greatest men chosen by Allah, And the rulers satisfied them for their protection and service...More

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