جــــامـــعــة طــيــبــة


​The Deanship of Scientific Research at Taibah University was founded in 1425​ AH. Since its foundation, the Deanship Council was structured in accordance with the unified regulations of scientific research at universities. The council holds its meetings, takes its decisions and these decisions are approved according to what is stated in the 35th article of the System of the Council of Higher Education and Universities


Authorities of the Deanship of Scientific Research include the following

  • ​​It approves, follows up, and funds research projects according to regulatory rules.
  • It coordinates work among research centers at the university, seeks to cancel the duplication of effort in their performances, and encourages joint research among departments and colleges in order to raise the efficiency and effectiveness of using available resources.
  •  It organizes the process of communication with external local, regional and international research centers and develops cooperation with them in order to benefit from their expertise and new research.
  • It encourages staff members and other researchers to conduct innovative scientific research, provides them with research means and possibilities, and directs them towards publishing distinguished research papers.
  • It creates a database of current and finished research and exchanges research information with other universities and research centers.
  • It supervises and follows up the research which is funded by other sectors outside the university and which lies within its authorities. 


Deanship Departments:

Departments of the Deanship of Scientific Research:

  • General Director
  • Unit of Technical Affairs and Development
  • Unit of Financial Affairs
  • Unit of Research Apparatuses
  • Unit of Administrative Communications
  • Research Centers

​​Departments of the Vice-Deanship of Scientific Research:

  • Female Office manager and Assistant General Director
  • Female Assistant Supervisor of Technical Affairs
  • Female Assistant Supervisor of Financial Affairs
  • Female Supervisor of the Unit of Administrative Communications
  • Female Assistant Supervisor of the Unit of Post-Publication Research Funding.
  • Supervision of Joint Supervision Programs