جــــامـــعــة طــيــبــة



Center for Teaching & Learning

Vision of the Center

Leadership in developing academic teaching to be in the ranks of the internationally developed Centers for Teaching and Learning.


Message of the Center

To improve the educational process to achieve the message of Taibah University as an educational university that prioritize teaching and learning.


Goals of the Center

  • Supporting the faculty members technically based on specifying their needs.
  • Encouraging the faculty members to provide distinguished educational practices.
  • Participation in realizing the strategic plan of the university relevant to teaching and learning.
  • Developing the skills of students academically.
  • Managing the best educational practices.
  • Providing quality initiatives in the field of academic teaching and learning.
  • Improving the outputs of teaching and learning at the university.
  • Building up partnerships that realize the vision and message of the center.


Units of the Center

The center comprehends five units including:

  • Teaching Unit.
  • Learning Unit.
  • Learning Environment Unit.
  • Developmental Studies Unit
  • Educational Consultations Unit.


Organizational Structure of the Center

Teaching Unit
Learning Unit

Developmental Studies Unit


Learning Environment Unit
Center Supervisor
Consultations Unit

Vice-Supervisor of the Center


Female Vice-Supervisor of the Center
His Highness the University President
University Vice-President of Educational Affairs



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