جــــامـــعــة طــيــبــة


Wednesday 3 Moharm 1430
The Budgets, Planning and Following-up Department was established with the establishment of Taibah University in the year 1424 AH, the aim of its establishment was to create a department responsible for the preparation of the five-year plan for the university, its budgets and for a minute following-up of the implementation of the budgets of the university, controlling the disbursement and items of the budget, executing the expected estimations of what will be  disbursed from the budget, transfers and subsidies from the Ministry of Finance according to regulations.
It is also responsible for the correlating of all issued transactions and benefits for the university employees and others.
Due to the importance of this department, it has been upgraded to be General Department which is linked directly to His Excellency, the rector, which is headed by the general manager.