جــــامـــعــة طــيــبــة

​​Department of university staff affairs is pleased by your visit of this section of Taibah university website. It is the principle of revolutionary development which is witnessed by the different divisions of the university that motivates us to improve our provided services. In addition, we are encouraged to increase the effectiveness of our performance and productively through continuous communication with you. 

The department of university staff affairs is a cornerstone unit of the general administration of Taibah university. From an organizational point of view, it is under the authority of chief executive of financial affairs and his deputy. Lately, Mr. Obaidella Bin Hasan Al-Sadi has been commissioned to be superintendent of this department. The department is completely responsible for recruiting all university requirements of administrative, vocational, technical, and academic working forces. In addition, the department carries out the task of occupying all types of university job vacancies and any linked procedures in agreement with university regulations and bylaws. Furthermore, permanent coordination with university top administration and other relatively involved committees in executing the schema of jobs distribution among divisions. Also, the department is responsible for implementation of all procedural arrangements of personnel actions processing and offer all necessary services for the university staff members in agreement with the university unified bylaws and regulations, with the civil service regulations and executive bylaws, and with all relatively involved parties. 

The obvious expansion in number of academic and administrative divisions and the increase number of staff members and the consequent requirements and necessities have become an urging request in developing and expanding the organizational structure of this unit to accelerate execution of decisions and orders and increase productivity of missions and tasks the unit responsible for accomplishing, Thus, distributing of tasks among temporarily organizational division for the time being until approval of the final organizational structure is being received. The final organizational structure should be as follow:time being until approval of the final organizational structure is being received. The final organizational structure should be as follow:

1- Unit of teaching staff

2-Unit of administrators and technicians
3-Unit of general services

4-Unit of follow-up and payrolls

5-Unit of contracts hiring and training courses