جــــامـــعــة طــيــبــة
Daaem )The Information Technology Services Management System )
Short description
The service provides reporting communiqués and applications electronically, following them up, and being familiar with the procedure that was made via the system screen of the beneficiary and the received messages via the e-mail.

  Service Provider:
Deanship of Information Technology and Digital Transformation
  Category of recipient:
     ​All university Staff and faculty members​.
Service Feature
  • Reporting the communiqué electronically
  • Ease of reporting the communiqué
  • Speed of receiving applications​.
System Requirements
  • An account on the university website

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​In case of any questions or technical problems, please contact at:​

 Ext:  8880​            Direct line:  014/8618880

  E-mail: ​  helpdesk@taibahu.edu.sa