جــــامـــعــة طــيــبــة
Technical Communiques Systems to Manage Operation and Maintenance
Short description
It is a system to receive technical communiqués and requests of the maintenance, operation, and sending the application number to the user for each communique.

 Service Provider:
     Dep. of Operation And Maintenance
  Category of recipient:
      ​All university Staff and faculty members​.

Service Feature
  • Speedof submitting the communique.
  • Speedof displaying and classifying the communique.
  • Speedof following – up the communiques​.
System Requirements
  • An account on the University network​​.

  Service forms:
​        without​​
Important Documents

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Submitting a communiqué
  • Submitting a communiqué

​In case of any questions or technical problems, please contact at:​

E-mail: ​  moa​@taibahu.edu.sa