جــــامـــعــة طــيــبــة
         Working continuously on improving quality in all the university units so as to achieve the mission and the strategic objectives of the university fully including spreading, supporting and applying the quality concepts.
          Building an integrated structure for quality with international specifications that reflects the adoption of the university faculties and units to the principles and applications of quality applied in the universities pioneering in this field nationally and internationally


  •   Spreading the culture of quality in the university and making it an essential option for improvement and development.

  •   Working on supporting and adopting the quality applications in all the university units.           

  •   Encouraging and supporting the university obtaining quality certificates through qualifying it to get the accreditation.

  •   Working in parallel to qualify the university and its programs to get the institutional and program accreditation, and coordination with the bodies and agencies            donating these accreditations regionally and internationally.